How to fix a cracked tooth naturally?

Having a cracked tooth could be a terrible experience for a lot of people. Occasionally, it can be only a mild fracture that affects the person's smile and aesthetics. However, a large fracture can cause severe pain and require extensive treatment.

Fortunately, a dentist can fix a cracked tooth using different treatment options. Meanwhile, the person can follow a few suggestions to improve his condition at home.

Although there is no way to fix a cracked tooth naturally, it is possible to ease the discomfort and pain while waiting for a dental appointment. Moreover, it is possible to prevent a hairline tooth fracture from worsening.

In this article, we'll explain how to fix a cracked tooth and how to ease the discomfort naturally.

Can a cracked tooth be restored?

Dentists can rely on different treatment options to restore a cracked tooth. Nonetheless, the type of procedure depends on the case.

Also, the treatment selection is based on the crack's extension, location, and symptoms.

The treatment options available include:

 Bonding restoration:

In most cases, dental bonding can restore the fractured portion of the teeth. This is especially useful for small and medium-sized cracks.

The dentist can use composite resin to fill the cracked portion and fix the defect. Furthermore, the clinician ensures to use a composite pigment matching the tooth's natural tone. As a result, the patient gets an unnoticeable and aesthetic restoration.


Dental veneers are a good treatment option to fix superficial cracks while improving the front teeth' appearance.

This dental esthetic restoration allows the dentist to change the tooth's color, shape, and length as it masks any defects underneath it.

 Dental crown:

A dental crown might be necessary if the crack is large and the tooth suffered extensive damage.

In this case, the dentist has to perform extensive tooth prepping to fit the dental crown. Nonetheless, the dental crown is highly resistant and protects the tooth against biting forces.

 Root canal:

In some cases, the crack can reach the dental pulp. This is a tissue located inside the tooth which contains the nerve and blood vessels. As a result, the tooth's vitality can get compromised. This can also cause pain.

When this happens, a root canal is necessary to remove the pulp and prevent complications. Afterward, the tooth can be fixed with a bonding restoration or a dental crown.

 Tooth extraction:

Occasionally, the crack or fracture is too extensive or involves the root. When this happens, it might not be possible to restore the tooth, and extraction is necessary.

Can you fix a cracked tooth at home?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fix a cracked tooth at home. Furthermore, it is not possible to fix it naturally as it can't heal on its own. This happens because the enamel is a mineralized tissue that cannot regrow its missing parts.

However, there are a few methods to improve the condition and ease the discomfort while waiting for the dental appointment, such as:

  • Keep the area clean and free of food leftovers
  • Take over-the-counter medication to ease the pain
  • Rinse with warm salt water if the gums are swelling around the affected tooth
  • Place dental wax on top of any sharp edge that could be hurting the tongue or cheeks

How to stop a hairline tooth fracture from getting worse?

Although a tiny hairline fracture might seem insignificant, it can worsen over time if not treated efficiently.

However, this can be prevented by avoiding eating hard food. A soft diet is highly recommended as it reduces the risk of worsening the condition.

It is also recommended to avoid consuming food and drinks that are too hot or cold. Although it doesn't worsen the fracture or its extension, these temperatures can cause a painful reaction in the tooth if the nerve is affected.

Lastly, it is highly recommended not to attempt to fix the fracture yourself as it can worsen the issue. Therefore, filing a sharp edge or extracting a fractured portion must be avoided

How to prevent cracking a tooth?

A cracked tooth can occur due to several reasons, such as aging, bruxism, and trauma.

Nonetheless, the best way to prevent it is by having good oral hygiene. Having strong teeth means they can resist better harmful stimuli that could fracture them. This can be achieved using the correct sonic electric toothbrush with the appropriate brushing technique.

Oclean smart toothbrush offers a wide variety of electric toothbrushes that are proven to ensure excellent oral health. The Oclean X Pro Digital is one of its most powerful smart electric toothbrushes. It can perform 84,000 motions per minute to entirely remove plaque from the tooth. Additionally, it is equipped with 4 different brushing modes, making it suitable for any situation.


A balanced diet can also enhance the teeth' resistance to fracture as it provides them with nutrients and minerals.

Lastly, a mouthguard for bruxism or contact sports can also reduce the risk of teeth fracture.

The takeaway 

Having a cracked tooth is an undesirable situation. Unfortunately, it can't be fixed naturally or at home. However, the dentist can perform different types of procedures to solve the issue.

In many cases, a bonding restoration or a crown can be enough to fix the tooth. However, on some occasions, the crack can be too extensive, and the tooth might need to be extracted.

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