Oclean Introduces the Future of Oral Care in Europe with the New X Ultra

Experience Visible Brushing with AI Voice Guidance.


Oclean, a leading brand in oral care technology, is excited to introduce the European launch of its groundbreaking product, the Oclean X Ultra WiFi Smart Sonic Toothbrush. With a mission to redefine oral care for a better experience. Oclean has been at the forefront of innovation since its establishment in 2016.

Discover the Futuristic Innovations of Visible Brushing and AI Voice Guidance

Imagine a toothbrush that tells you how to better brush your teeth in real time. Now this is possible with Oclean X Ultra and its real-time AI voice guide powered by AI system and oral bone conduction technology. These features provide users with personalised guidance, improving brushing techniques and habits. The Smart Touchscreen further provides a Visible Brushing experience, offering 8 brushing area tracking with instant feedback on the device for optimal oral care.

X Ultra Elevating Your Oral Care Routine with Smart Features

The Oclean X Ultra goes beyond the ordinary, offering a set of smart features that elevate your oral care routine. Its long-lasting battery provides an impressive 40 days of use* on a single charge, offering uninterrupted access to advanced oral care. With five different modes and customizable options, users can tailor their brushing experience to meet their specific needs. The Maglev 3.0 motor, equipped with the TurboClean system, delivers an impressive 84,000 movements/minute, ensuring consistent power at any battery level. Moreover, the toothbrush also features mold-resistant nano-coating for enhanced hygiene, and its PX7 waterproof design ensures easy cleaning and usability in various environments. The Personalized brushing reports and suggestions can be found in the Oclean Care+ App, through smartphone connectivity.

*Validated by a 2-min brushing period, twice a day using the 3rd. level intensity in Unlimited Clean mode.

X Ultra S: The Ultimate Toothbrushing Experience

The New Oclean X Ultra is launched in Europe as a Set. The Set includes the new luxurious chargeable Travel Case (with Type C) which fits the toothbrush handle and 2 brush heads, ensuring convenience no matter where your journey takes you. Additionally, the set comes with a newly designed wall mount and charging base, along with all three X Ultra Series FlexFit Brush Heads, catering to diverse needs: Ultra Clean, Ultra Gum Care and Ultra White.

About Oclean

Oclean, established in 2016, continues to push the boundaries of oral care innovation. With over 300 patents and a presence in 40+ markets, Oclean has garnered international acclaim, receiving prestigious design awards and consumer choice recognition. The X Ultra S WiFi Smart Sonic Toothbrush exemplifies Oclean's dedication to making oral health better and easier through cutting-edge technology and smart solutions.

For more information about Oclean X Ultra S, please visit https://europe.oclean.com/

The product is also available at https://europe.oclean.com/products/sonic-electric-toothbrush-x-ultra-s

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