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KELVIN SKI HELMET - with ASTM Certified Safety
Black / L 22-24 inches
KELVIN SKI HELMET - with ASTM Certified Safety
Black / L 22-24 inches

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REPLACEMENT LENS BASIC - For Goggles Pro Series - 20+ Different Lens - 100% UV400 Protection
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$24.99 USD
REPLACEMENT LENS BASIC - For Goggles Pro Series - 20+ Different Lens - 100% UV400 Protection
$59.99 USD
$24.99 USD
REPLACEMENT LENS BASIC - For Goggles Pro Series - 20+ Different Lens - 100% UV400 Protection
$59.99 USD
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REPLACEMENT LENS BASIC - For Goggles Pro Series - 20+ Different Lens - 100% UV400 Protection
$59.99 USD
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Subtotal $424.99 USD

March 01, 2021

Oclean X Pro, More than An Electric Toothbrush

There are many models of electric toothbrushes on the market, but behind this apparent abundance is not so much variety. If some electric toothbrushes are only moving automatically, few are intelligent assistants to help you optimize this moment.

Eighteen months ago I switched from traditional tooth brushing to electric cleaning. I took advantage of the introduction of high-speed oscillating models at Xiaomi to change my habits.

I immediately saw the benefits of such a brush in terms of cleaning performance, whether it be for removing food particles and removing that famous dental plaque that is deposited on our teeth unaware of it.

I also understood the risk of brushing too hard on the teeth or on sensitive gums.

With my Xiaomi brush i also discovered that ergonomics is not always a given. It has the defect of splashing when I want to stop it because it changes first to other modes.

It is in this context that I accepted the test of the latest electric brush of the Oclean leader brand, the Oclean X Pro. The promise? An even smarter, higher level of brushing.

Affordable Sonic Technology

The Oclean X PRO brush is sonic technology and not tilt-and-turn like the entry-level Oral B-type models. This technology consists of performing extremely fast vibrations to remove fragments and dental plaque.

Sonic technology has made the reputation of Philips toothbrushes such as the Sonicare Diamond Clean model, which costs up to 200€! Here not such exces.

With a retail price of 85€ but sold at around 65€, the official online shop is launching the OCLEAN X PRO BRUSH AT 51€21 DELIVERED. You must use the discount code OCLEAN2021.

The additional brushes, which are identical to the one to use other Oclean brushes are also [at the SPECIAL PRICE OF 17€21 FOR 6 with the coupon code OCLEANP1.

A Real Evolution

The OCLEAN X PRO brush is an upgrade of the Oclean X model released in 2019. It has the same key features as the Oclean X model started by a touch screen, improved brushing monitoring, multiple settings and large autonomy.

First of all, the Oclean X PRO is different in appearance from the previous X version . The manufacturer has opted for fantasy by offering a choice of four colours: blue purple pink and green.

Nice Package

Professional Inside


Magnetic Charging

The toothbrush is delivered in a beautiful and stylish package with a contactless charging cradle and a USB cable.

The charger unit is an innovating one. It is also a stand that allows the brush to be held upright. To do this, a magnetic plate with a 3M sticker is placed underneath this mini charger/stand. The brush then remains secured by an internal magnet system.

The Oclean X Pro is certified IPX7 waterproof. Even under water for a long period of time, it is safe to use, which is the least we can do. The charger/stand is IPX5 certified.

Magnetic Stand

On the front of the brush is a small 0.9 inch colour touch panel. It is very accurate. Underneath is a control button.

High Quality

This screen is now customizable. There are many templates in the application for a touch of fun. This display will give access to time/date, battery level, cleaning mode selection, brush statistics...

Customizable Screen

A toothbrush head is supplied. It is made up of three types of DUPONT filaments. The company offers several other types of brushes.

A Connected Toothbrush

For the set-up, it is necessary to make a quick tour on your Apple or Android smartphone and download the Oclean application.

Once the toothbrush is paired using Bluetooth 4.2, this application will offer to update the toothbrush firmware to its latest level.

Firmware Upgrade

A wizard is initiated. It allows you to choose the best brushing programme according to your type of tooth, shade or habits such as coffee or tobacco consumption.

You can select the type of brushing mode based on habits or tooth condition.

It then suggests a cleaning mode. It is possible to choose manually another one by yourself among the 13 other programs offered. The explanations are in local language which makes the choice straightforward. There are mode for all needs: cleaning of hypersensitive teeth, gum brushing, cleaning of orthodontic appliances, …

Cleaning Mode

For the most demanding user it is even possible to create your own mode with several steps, cleaning/bleaching, massage or sensitive and duration.

The cleaning intensity is adjustable on 32 levels.

The Oclean X Pro is easy to use. One press on the single button wakes the device and a second press activates the programmed brushing mode.

A countdown timer appears on the main screen. Every 30 seconds a vibration informs you so that you can change the tooth area to be cleaned inside your mouth.

The maximum number of vibrations per minute is ((2,000)) which is huge and much higher than the previous generation which announced 31,000.

The brush shows you the performance at the end of brushing via a color representation of the teeth with a score (white = well cleaned, blue = not cleaned enough).

With a long press on the button, the brush setting menu is unlocked. It is then possible to navigate with up and down or lateral movements.

The use of a smartphone is not a must for to set the brush mode, time or force.

More than a screen. It is several menus available to adjust the behavior

There is a bit of practice to understand how the screens link together. For the autonomy, the manufacturer communicates over 40 days approximately. You will then need to use your USB charger. Charging the 800mAh battery will then take only two hours. There is no need to leave it permanently on charge, which is not even recommended.

I wouldn’t have the pretension in a few days to have done an exhaustive test. I will enhance this test of the Oclean X Pro after a few weeks of use. It is now in my bathroom with daily usage.

I decided to tell you about it quickly because of its special introductory price at the moment which makes it one of the best value models of 2021.

English version:
French version:,5028.html

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